Monday, 24 October 2016

"Why Are They Coming To Britain?"

We bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

We are at the very least supplying the bombing of Yemen, and there is considerable evidence of rather more involvement than that.

This is our responsibility.

The dental tests have been illegal in Britain since 1982, they would be against medical ethics anyway, and they do not work.

The British Dental Association is truly aghast to find people who still believe in the efficacy of such a practice. What next, leeches?

But there is no way of telling anyone's age for certain. That was no small part of why we never promised to take only children.

In any case, those boys look like the (white) teenagers up here, all right.

You may be used to the Bullingdon Club's unlined faces well into middle age, but no one here in the old coal and steel belt looks like David Cameron or George Osborne.

They are here now. The door is already open. You have already lost.

This Government, this Conservative Government with an overall majority, has in any case never expressed anything other than scorn for your Posh Alf Garnett routine.

You were never going to win. It was inconceivable.


  1. Exactly. This one has been won hands down, under a Tory Government. Where are the demonstrations against these arrivals? The public are disgusted by the likes of David TC Davies and the Sun. They speak for nobody but themselves.

    1. As soon as they said "Check the teeth", then they lost anything remotely approaching mainstream opinion. No Government could be seen to acquiesce one inch to people like that.

  2. Exactly, you beak it, you buy it. "All states have a right to control immigration, and all states an obligation to help refugees. We have no duty to capitalism's dream of "free movement of labour", we do have a duty to those fleeing our bombs."