Monday, 31 October 2016

Grammar Simplification

Scores of Labour MPs are itching to join the Conservative Hard Right in voting against the many of Theresa May's measures that are well to their own left.

But they might not do so, even if they did not turn up to vote in favour of those measures, either.

Provided that she never proceeded with what was in any case her almost forgotten little dalliance with lifting the ban on new grammar schools.

That would never have passed either House of Parliament, and there was no such ban for the first 40 of the 50 years during which no one has attempted to set up a new grammar school.

The ban itself was enacted as a tidying up exercise, with little or no coverage or controversy.

So hardly anyone would notice, and even fewer would mind, if the proposed lifting of that ban were to be quietly forgotten.

That has already more or less happened, anyway.

An informal formalisation would spare the Government all manner of parliamentary difficulties.

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  1. Look how nobody mentions it any more. She flew the kite and her own party shot it down.