Wednesday, 19 October 2016

For Decency's Sake

Convictions under laws predating these changes ought to be annulled by Act of Parliament along with those of men whose homosexual acts would not be criminal offences today, as the Government looks likely to grant this week.

Labour should vote against that unless it also annulled, not only all convictions in the categories set out in the above link, but also all convictions and other adverse court decisions arising out of Clay Cross, Shrewsbury, Wapping, and the three Miners' Strikes since 1970.

This would set the pattern for all future feminist and LGBT legislation. Without a working-class quid pro quo, then Labour would vote against any such legislation.

Alongside the DUP, the Conservative Right, or whoever. It is not Blair's Labour Party now.


  1. Lindsay clearly wants Corbyn to be Prime Minister so he can legally visit prostitutes. That's his flagship policy.

    Corbyn also wants legal cannabis.

    And he was lobbying for gay marriage before Cameron had heard of it.

    The days when Labour toyed with conservative movements like Blue Labour are long gone.