Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Whole Again

For its own good, the Republican Party needs to see Donald Trump nominated and defeated.

For its own good, the Democratic Party needs to see Hillary Clinton nominated and defeated. 

What a conundrum.


  1. I wouldn't mind Ted Cruz, who is also rock-solid in opposing gay marriage, abortion, mass immigration, gun control and every other fetish of the cultural Left.

    But, if it is to be Trump, then he is right on the main issues-war, marriage, third world immigration and free trade.

    He opposes all four, as Buchanan did in 2000. Which is why he has unsurprisingly won Mr Buchanan's endorsement.

    To win endorsement from the grandfather of the paleocon movement is quite something.

    1. Trump opposes marriage? He has done it often enough. Of course, he wouldn't win. Probably no Republican ever will again.

      Cruz is a telling example of what the Republican Party has become. As a small town, jobbing lawyer, he is intellectually the most accomplished man that anyone else in what was once the Grand Old Party has ever met.

      Beyond the immensely cultured paleo boys, of course. Yes, my mates. Make of that what you will. And even the very Editor of The American Conservative has actually voted for Bernie Sanders.