Monday, 28 March 2016

I Demand To Be Prevented

If this Government does not regard me as a dangerous extremist, then I shall sue.

As and when necessary, the details of a Fighting Fund will appear on this site.

Watch this space.


  1. As a leftwing Government, the only people deemed to be "extremists" (like the only people prosecuted under Labour's Equality Act) are people with conservative views.

    Similarly, the Commission for Equality and Human Rights is set up to prosecute "sexism", "homophobia" or any other offences against political correctness.

    As I said to a friend the other day, if this Government were in any way Rightwing, then why does it have a "Minister for Equalities"?

    A job title straight from the Soviet Era.

    1. They are so confused at having a very right-wing Tory majority government that even IDS found too much, and at having the most left-wing Labour Leader ever, defined in terms of good old-fashioned opposition to economic inequality and to wars, that they have decided to trot out all the old lines as if the world still made sense to them. They have no idea how ridiculous they sound.

    2. They have decided that their own eccentric preoccupations are politically determinative.

      But they are now confronted with two parties that take strikingly different views of plain old economic inequality and of plain old military intervention. A very right-wing Conservative Party, and a very left-wing Labour Party. Or, at any rate, a very left-wing Labour Leader and Labour grassroots membership.

      So they are reduced to blathering that politics is really all about something or other else entirely. For no better reason than that is what they themselves happen to care about.