Wednesday, 23 March 2016

And Who Never Would Be Missed

Well done to the BBC on repeating as fact a list of Labour MPs that the Conservative Party had obviously made up. Anyone would think that their efforts were co-ordinated.

And anyone would think that, for example, John Woodcock was in on it. Entryism? Parties within parties? The very idea!

The Government needed to distract attention from the fact that Iain Duncan Smith's resignation, which I for one take entirely at face value (and if you have become even more cynical than I am, then you need to have a word with yourself), had caused it to abandon its proposed cuts in disability benefits.

Labour opposed those cuts only because Jeremy Corbyn won the Leadership. Under any of the other three candidates, it would have been whipped either to abstain or, quite conceivably, to vote in favour.

A handful of MPs, including Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, and probably also Tom Watson, would have broken that whip. But that would have been what they were doing: breaking the Whip.

The hypocrisy of Yvette Cooper is particularly galling, as is the media's fawning over her.

She abolished Income Support. She introduced the Work Capability Assessment. She would have led Labour into the Division Lobby for this.

The wrong one of that couple lost his seat.

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