Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hope For A Hearing, A Hearing For Hope

A comment reads:

Paleocons are a very highly cultured lot who could never bear to vote for Trump or Cruz even if they were not foreign policy Crazies, no wonder your friend who edits the American Conservative has already voted for Sanders. You have been saying for years they would all become Dems and get on with it. It's happening. 

Another, which I assume is by the same person, reads:

Like your mate the editor of the American Conservative voting for Bernie Sanders in Virginia and no doubt planning to do so again in November because Trump and Cruz are unconscionable to anyone as highly cultured as a paleocon. Foreign policy non-Crazies can hope for a hearing from Sanders for the first time since the late Eighties and serious economists are getting a hearing from Corbyn and McDonnell for the first time since the early Eighties.

Virginia has open primaries, so we cannot yet say that The American Conservative is edited by a registered Democrat. Give it time, though.  

The point about culture is well made. Trump's speeches show a middle school reading age, and Cruz is scarcely better-read or more articulate. They and the Paleo Boys would have nothing to talk about. Not just a lot to disagree on. Nothing to talk about.

In similar fashion, Osborne actively refuses to ask economists anything, because he thinks that he knows it all. That is a class thing where he and his party are concerned. But the New Labour lot, as was, do not even that excuse.


  1. It is hilarious to try and imagine Trump meeting any of the TAC writers, his eyes glazing over as they talked about Walker Percy or John Crowe Ransom. Cruz would be scarcely better but at least he would sit in silence and suck his thumb. Trump might turn violent, a bit like Osborne.

    1. They have managed to work in the past with people who lacked a certain education or refinement. But they have no means of communicating (and who would want one?) with the proudly ignorant.

    2. I squealed with laughter when I read that, Trump or Cruz discussing Walker Percy or John Crowe Ransom. I mean that, I squealed.

  2. The paleocons now agree with Trump about everything. No wonder that Pat Buchanan, the granddaddy of the movement-and of TAC-has publicly endorsed Trump.

    Buchanan was calling for a wall with Mexico and denouncing the disastrous demographic changes to America before Trump was.

    Not for the first time, Trump's entire interview last night could have been Buchanan speaking. Or Ross Perot, for that matter.

    Opposing NATO? Opposing nation-building? Opposing the military presence in Asia?

    Supporting strong border controls and the necessity for a wall (the only way an advanced country that has land borders with the Third World can possibly enforce them)?

    The Washington Post headline summed it up. "Trumo questions need for NATO and calls for non interventionist foreign policy.""

    He's broken "seven decades of Washington consensus on NATO."

    That was always only ever going to come from the Right.

    Sanders, meanwhile, is already finished. Of course.

    The Dems already have a left wing socially liberal pro immigration anti-American candidate in Hilary-why would they need him?

    1. News to them. All that they see is an illiterate oaf. And these are people to whom nothing matters more than being well-read. Trump is everything that they most despise.

  3. TAC seems far more sympathetic to Trump than, say, National Review, which hates him with a passion.