Monday, 28 March 2016

In Hock To Hillary

The Guardian's Pulitzer Prize for Edward Snowden made it a household name in liberal America.

It now vies with the New York Times for the second spot among the most read news and current affairs websites in the English language, and even that spot depends on counting the Sidebar of Shame as any part of journalism.

Hillary Clinton's socially liberal economic and international hawkishness does broadly reflect the present position of The Guardian, which would not run the Snowden story now.

But its sycophancy towards her is about something more, and yet less, than that. The Guardian Media Group is in serious financial trouble, since there is very little money in online content.

From Wall Street to the Gulf, and regardless of the outcome of this or any other election, staying on the right side of the Clintons offers access to pots, and pots, and pots of the lovely stuff.

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