Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Goodbye, Galloway?

You wish, Nick Cohen. You wish. How long have you been saying this? And he was not invited to the debates that you ridicule him for not having attended. But, of course, you already knew that.

George Galloway’s mainstream social democratic programme deserves Londoners’ first preference votes. With Labour likely to do very well for the London Assembly’s constituencies, list votes need to be cast for Respect.

London Mayoral candidates’ nominators must include 10 registered electors in the City. Since Galloway has managed that, we may greatly look forward to next year’s elections to the Court of Common Council.

With the SNP expected to win most of the constituency seats at Holyrood, all opponents of any one or more of George Osborne’s failed austerity programme, of neoconservative wars, of Trident, and of the Saudi regime, ought to give their list votes to Labour.

The Labour lead in Wales is welcome. And we may hope to see a strong Labour showing in the English local elections. Especially now that the Liberal Democrats have collapsed.


  1. George Galloway on the Common Council, what a capital idea. He could posh the issue that you had to be a Freemason of the City to be a candidate or he could try and get into a Livery Company. Either would be huge fun to watch. Plus imagine if he won.

    1. There is the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers. There is also the Worshipful Company of Firefighters.

  2. Nick Cohen rightly laughs at the demise of Galloway, (from what he calls the Stupid Left) whose support in the London Mayoral race stands at a dismal 1 per cent.

    Cohen laughs: ""According to the latest polls for the race to be London Mayor Galloway’s support stands at 1 per cent.

    As his popularity has vanished, Galloway has vanished too.

    He attended the first mayoral hustings, and brayed and barked as he had always done in the past. But as he realised that his candidacy was going nowhere he did what he had never done before and stepped out of the limelight. He wasn’t at the Pride hustings, while the leaders of other minor parties, Women’s Equality and Ukip, were on stage to make their case. He wasn’t at the Patchwork Foundation hustings or at the LBC mayoral hustings either.

    Slowly, his supporters have edged away. There are no pieces from the white left in the Guardian and what’s left of the Independent defending Galloway these days.

    It will crush him and should delight the rest of us that after 16 years of getting away with cringing to mass murderers he is now, in his twilight years, reduced to being the flimsiest of alibis.""

    1. Cohen, who has never dared to seek any elected office in his life, knows perfectly well that Galloway was not invited to those hustings. That, in fact, is the real story here.

      Not for the first time, read the comments under Cohen's article and hope that he is exactly as proud as he ought to be of the audience that he has chosen.