Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Beyond The Ken

Of course Ken Clarke wants more disability benefit cuts, wants to tax various things enjoyed by pensioners, and so on.

He has always been a mainstream Thatcherite, whose repeated promotion under Thatcher and her preferred successor was not some series of flukes.

That extends to his views on the European Union, views that, as he never tires of pointing out, were hers when she was in office.

Austerity is an EU project. While it is of course possible to oppose both, it is absolutely impossible to support either but not the other.

Ask Iain Duncan Smith.

Or Ken Clarke.


  1. Indeed. The fiscal limits imposed regardless of membership of the euro or anything like that. The policies proposed by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and the highest powered team of economists advising any politician in the world are illegal inside the EU. The EU requires austerity and austerity is what we are getting. Plus debt completely out of control.

    1. Indeed. All very Ken Clarke, indeed. In all fairness to Iain Duncan Smith, he did vote against the root cause of all of this, the Maastricht Treaty. As did Jeremy Corbyn, of course.