Saturday, 19 March 2016

Goys To Mensch

I have been predicting for at least a decade that neocons would end up organising a form of Judaism.

With none of the dietary restrictions and other inconveniences of the Orthodox and of the American Conservatives, the British Masorti.

And with none of the economic leftishness and international dovishness, not least on You Know What, of the Reform, the Liberals, the Progressives, and so on.

It seems that Nick Cohen is moving towards giving it a go. If he is not already there. His atheism is not necessarily any bar. Judaism is often far more about what one does.

The spread of this within the Murdoch-Reagan-Thatcher-Bush-Blair-Trump-Cruz constituency would be no less improbable than the rise of any other religion ever, or than the conversion of any country or people to a new or different religion.

This one will be very well worth watching.


  1. You always said you expected thsi to be the followers, even if not the persons, of either Melanie Phillips or Julie Burchill and it looked for a while like you could have been right. Cohen is a right-wing hack now and it'll be interesting to see what following that enables him to pick up for this. Like you say, well worth watching.

    1. A national network of Cohenite synagogues? It is by no means impossible. This has always been fertile soil for that kind of thing.

    2. He'll have to set up on his own, it's pretty hard to convert to Judaism and even the most liberal might draw the line at an atheist convert.