Thursday, 31 March 2016

Undeniably Exceptional

A comment puts it splendidly: "Donald Trump wants to nuke Mexico if it doesn't pay for his wall. Actually nuke it."

Quite. Not much sanctity of life there. 

Trump now calls himself, "pro-life, with exceptions." 119,530,753 exceptions, it would seem.

I have been active in pro-life for more than 20 years, and it has never been in favour of prosecuting the women.

Whereas Trump was a Clinton donor and a Planned Parenthood supporter until the very recent past, and he has no idea what he is talking about.

Nor is he even sincere about it.


  1. He has already recanted with all the grace he can manage, which is none. You're right, he's obviously never had a conversation with a pro-life activist, he's possibly never met one.

    That was how I first met you, and yes it was more than 20 years ago, makes you think doesn't it?

    Prosecute the women! I've heard it all now! God protect us from well-meaning amateurs. Never mind ill-meaning amateurs like Donald Trump.

    1. Prosecuting the women was what Trump's old friends at Planned Parenthood and the Clinton Foundation told him that pro-lifers believed in. And he believed them.

    2. Exactly. I have never, literally never, heard a pro-lifer say that, and I've been involved since the Sixties. Trump sounded like a foreigner who couldn't quite speak English yet, or a toddler who was just learning to talk, it was as strange and wrong as that to the ears of pro-lifers.

  2. No wonder the Holy Father says Sanders is the most Christian candidate out of the four. Very conservative American Catholics like Fr. Dwight Longenecker had already been saying that for months. Cruz supports everything that causes abortion and he supports every other way of killing people ever devised. At least Clinton is honest about supporting all of those and abortion.

    Trump used to be, but now dishonestly pretends to take the Cruz view although he has been found out as knowing literally nothing about pro-life with his "prosecute the women" nonsense that he has had to retract.

    Nobody, absolutely nobody, in pro-life ever says that, which of course you know as a very long-serving activist. Those activists in Britain are mostly Old Labour and have all despised the Tory Party as an organisation since forever. The ones in the US are probably mostly Old Dems at heart, New Deal-Civil Rights-Great Society-antiwar types. I bet at least half of them old enough voted for McGovern in 1972.

    Speaking of New Deal-Civil Rights-Great Society-antiwar types, Sanders is in favour of legal abortion in principle but also of socio-economic measures that would make it pretty near unheard of in practice, as well as being against killing people in all kinds of other ways: poverty (also the number one cause of abortion), capital punishment, invading Iraq, nuking Mexico or Europe, and so on.

    Just this once, American Catholics really should vote for the Pope. By voting for Bernie Sanders.

    1. Very well-said. Bernie is far from ideal. But he is the best of the bunch.