Friday, 18 March 2016

Regardless of The Outcome of The EU Referendum

Jeremy Corbyn was voting against the Single European Act when David Cameron was still at university. He sounds scarcely keener in relation to Cameron's "renegotiated settlement". He needs to propose several interrelated measures to be enacted regardless of the outcome of the referendum, and if at all possible prior to it.


  1. Well done to Iain Duncan Smith, a genuine opponent of the EU, for resigning in favour of disabled people.

    We pay more to the families of EU immigrants who are not even living here and spend far more on foreign aid to nuclear powers like India than we were planning to cut from our own disabled.

    Well done Iain Duncan Smith, a leader of the Leave campaign.

    A true Rightwinger.

    1. They have to pick now. Against the EI. Or against the cuts. Which is it?