Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It Is Time To Engage With George Galloway's Policy Proposals

The bookmakers have George Galloway in third place for the position of Mayor of London, which is determined by the Supplementary Vote.

Neither Sadiq Khan nor Zac Goldsmith stands any realistic chance of winning outright on first preferences. They, and all other Mayoral candidates who want to win, need to start engaging with Galloway's policy proposals.

No, I do not live in London. But its governance affects us all. And in any case, try answering these questions.

And concluding:

The answer to none of these questions involves milk, cats, leotards, Celebrity Big Brother, the Middle East in general, or the long dead Saddam Hussein in particular. But answering them does require courage and indefatigability.


  1. His voters' second preferences are going to decide this thing, presumably in favour if Sadiq, but then what? The rumours of Ken for Tooting probably don't amount to much but George for Tooting could happen, he'd have far more name recognition than any other candidate. They are probably safer with him as Mayor.

    1. He was supposed to lose his deposit at Bradford West, but he ended up topping the poll in every ward, including those which were over 90 per cent white, of what had been that Conservative target seat in 2010.

      London will give him easily enough votes to have delivered a European seat. Keep an eye on that one.