Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mrs Balls, Indeed

What shameless hypocrites are the numerous abstentionist Labour MPs attacking George Osborne in the House, on the airwaves, on Twitter, and elsewhere.

If any of them had been Leader, then even abstention would have been a mercy.

Rachel Reeves, for example, consistently attacked Iain Duncan Smith for not going far enough.

And Yvette Cooper started all this trouble in the first place. Too little cannot possibly be heard from her.


  1. Look how they are lapped up by their media sycophants, John made the exact same point about where the £4.4 billion from PIP was going to come from but when Cooper repeated it the hacks all said she was showing him how to do it! The Lobby truly believe it's their job to appoint a Shadow Shadow Cabinet and act as its press office.

    1. John is advised by two Nobel Laureates in Economics. No economist at all endorsed Cooper's Leadership campaign. Sadly, her seat is much safer than her husband's was.

    2. Like your mate the editor of the American Conservative voting for Bernie Sanders in Virginia and no doubt planning to do so again in November because Trump and Cruz are unconscionable to anyone as highly cultured as a paleocon. Foreign policy non-Crazies can hope for a hearing from Sanders for the first time since the late Eighties and serious economists are getting a hearing from Corbyn and McDonnell for the first time since the early Eighties.

    3. Your point about culture is well made. Trump's speeches show a middle school reading age, and Cruz is scarcely better-read or more articulate than Trump.

      They and the Paleo Boys would have nothing to talk about. Not just a lot to disagree on. Nothing to talk about.

      Osborne actively refuses to ask economists anything, because he thinks that he knows it all. That is a class thing where he and his party are concerned. But the New Labour lot, as was, do not even that excuse.