Thursday, 10 March 2016

No One Is Going To Call The Queen A Liar

Have you got that? It is utterly inconceivable.

Ipso or any other body will simply ask the Queen's account of any event involving Her Majesty.

Her Majesty's Official Spokesman will then give that account, and that will be the end of the matter.

At whatever cost, financial and otherwise, to absolutely anyone else at all.

She's the Queen. Have you got that? She is the Queen.

Furthermore, everyone else in this case is bound by the Privy Council Oath to back her up.

Not that that will be necessary. She's the Queen. Nothing like Ipso is going to call the Queen a liar.

Nor is any newspaper, never mind the one that respectable people will not have in the house, going to be allowed to survive having called the Queen a liar.


  1. The Sun, which knows more than it's hitherto let on, today gleefully repeats the story, and adds it will reveal more.

    Tom Newton Dunn, the Sun's political editor, writes that the paper would not have reported the Queen's remarks"had they not come from two different and impeccably placed sources".
    He says the Queen must remain "above the fray" of political issues, but adds: "If she has a view on Brexit, don't voters have a right to know what it is?"

    1. It can "reveal" what it likes. Any official body in this country's will automatically believe the Queen's Official Spokesman and find against absolutely anyone else, so that is just that.

  2. "the one that respectable people will not have in the house"

    Ouch! Outrageous snobbery towards the millions of working-class people who read the Sun.

    Not respectable because they're not rich, eh?

    1. The Sun is an elaborate public school joke on its readers by its extremely posh writers.

      Or is it? Are the readers in on the joke? Possibly. Are they working-class at all? Probably not, for the most part. They, in turn, are laughing at what they think that plebs enjoy.

      The class system is infinitely complex.

  3. It's readers are almost all working class, you dolt.

    The Palace has never denied the story.

    And for good reason.

    It's true.

    1. You know that you have lost. And this time, you have really lost.

  4. Gove is backing the Queen, so is Murdoch even backing the Sun?