Wednesday, 9 March 2016

From Major To Minor

Taking down this well-meaning political amateur would be child's play to the people who managed to get Corbyn elected. 

At the very least, make him pass on to the Labour Party what was, for a backbencher, that unseemly donation. 

In fact, make him give a third of it to Momentum. If another third therefore went to Progress, then so be it. 

By his own choice, he was banned from any political activity whatever throughout his adult life, until weeks before he entered Parliament. 

Whereas they have been full-time political activists since he was still in school, or in some cases since before he was born. 

Thanks to the boundary changes, at least one of him and Dugher will have to leave Parliament in 2020, anyway.


  1. At least Mr.Jarvis isn't an anti semite, has no connections to terroist groups and doesn't look like a tramp and talk like an imbecile.

    1. He has barely been politically active in his life. He wouldn't stand a chance against the old CLPD lot and all that, who have already beaten two former Cabinet Ministers and a candidate who had been endorsed by Tony Blair and The Sun.

      There won't be two seats to fill in Barnsley next time. One of them has to go, and it is Dugher who has political experience.

  2. They are already announcing Shadow Cabinet positions for after the coup, with Rachel Reeves as Shadow Chancellor. They are completely deluded.

  3. Being endorsed by the Guardian is the kiss of death for Labour leadership candidates.