Tuesday, 1 March 2016

As Russell Kirk Voted For Norman Thomas

I learn from his Twitter (@ToryAnarchist) that the Editor of The American Conservative, Daniel McCarthy, will be voting for Bernie Sanders.

He may already have done so.

He also retweets this Catholic, conservative argument for Sanders.

Do read Dan's tweets. He makes an excellent case.

And his position gives him a reasonable claim to be the leader of active, working-age paleoconservatism.


  1. The poor chap's confused. Last night he was for Trump.

    "Without doubt @realDonaldTrump is better than war-mongering @marcorubio on foreign policy. http://onforb.es/1TLaDmB

    "For the past few weeks I've been trending toward Kasich. Then the anti-Trump blitz, along w/a few good Trump things, made me rethink him."

    1. No, that was a sequence of tweets, leading up, like an article, to the endorsement of Sanders.

      "Better than Rubio" is hardly an endorsement of anyone. Of course a man of Dan's education and culture was never for Trump! I mean, come on.

      And that's the paleo boys, frighteningly cultured for the age of many of them.

  2. He's liked this on your Facebook so you are obviously right. Like Chris Buckley and Obama in 2008 but a whole lot bigger. You were saying all the way back then, the paleos would end up as Dems as the GOP became what they've now become. Look out for the Tim Stanley/Peter Oborne/Peter Hitchens endorsements of Corbyn in 2020.

  3. Daniel McCarthy ‏@ToryAnarchist 8m8 minutes ago
    Done: I've cast my vote for peace and gridlock—Bernie Sanders.

    1. Well, of course. Believe any "they are for Trump, really" business when they actually vote for him, or at the very least encourage anyone else to do so.

      So far, the only one to have come close to that is a 77-year-old who last sought the Presidency at all in 2000, and the Republican nomination 20 years ago.

      The present, fairly youthful movement is more a product of Ron Paul's campaigns than of anything else. Paul has made it clear that he would never vote for Trump.

      And the very Editor of The American Conservative has now openly voted for Sanders.

  4. Why this tea party senator is right to declare #NeverTrump.