Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wright and Wrong

Billy Wright was very evil. So were, and are, his murderers. And so were, and are, the people who manifestly facilitated that murder.

Not to say, the people who directed it. Who would want to remove an obstacle to a 32-County Irish Republic inside NATO and the EU? Although he does not deserve to be in such company, to the list made up of Lord Mountbatten, Airey Neave (another INLA job) and Robert Bradford, may we not add the name of Billy Wright?

No state collusion? That depends which state, or States, you mean.


  1. What do you think of Mountbatten?

  2. Told canvassers that only the servants voted Tory. Attlee's personal choice for Viceroy of India. Wilson offered him the new position of Defence Secretary, but he felt obliged to decline due to his proximity to the Royal Family.

    Left-wing sympathies were quite common in extremely posh people of his vintage, and he is to be commended that he seems to have become mainstream Labour of the day rather than, as so many of them did, a Communist.