Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Public Opinion and Common Sense

A BBC strike to hit coverage of the Conservative Party Conference? In that case, why bother to hold the Conservative Party Conference? All the Party Conferences are now only held at all because the BBC still agrees to televise them, although even it now confines most of the coverage to BBC Parliament. The TUC is currently meeting while Parliament is in session.

Speaking of the TUC, the usual suspects are calling for yet further anti-union laws, lest anyone succeed in acting in accordance with public opinion and common sense where the deranged schemes of George "Fried Egg Brain" Osborne are concerned. Well, from their own point of view, if the laws that they think necessary have not already been in place for twenty or thirty years, then Margaret Thatcher cannot have been anything to write home about after all. Can she?

Osborne and George Michael, today subjected to an unusual dose of public opinion and common sense, might end up in the same cell...

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