Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cameron's Counterfeiting

David Cameron is certainly being unconservative and un-Tory in seeking to impose unnatural constituency boundaries, although such things are nothing new to some of us. But he is being entirely faithful to the record of his party and of its unquestionable heroine.

She sat silently in Cabinet while counterfeit counties were created, and while this country's law was made subordinate to that of the nascent EU (there has never been "a free trade area" called "the Common Market", nor did Heath ever suggest that there was, as Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Peter Shore and Barbara Castle pointed out at the time), under a Prime Minister who earlier in his career had laid waste to small and family business by abolishing Resale Price Maintenance in the name of the "free" market, and who had sat, as had she, in the Government that destroyed the thoroughly conservative and thoroughly Tory national rail network.

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