Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Middle Kingdom

Both American parties have pushed through globalisation in general, and things like Most Favored Nation Status for China in particular, with barely a whimper of dissent. Now, they seem to be waking up to what they have done. The problem is really even deeper. Like those of the West in general, America's relations with China have been conducted, because they have been defined, in exactly the wrong terms. Essentially, those terms are Marxist, because that is what is the definition of politics in terms of economics is by definition: Marxism.

China still makes things, builds things and mines things, putting the jobs, heat and light of her people first. She is emerging from the gangster capitalism that always follows Communism by returning to her own culture, which is firmly centred on the family and the local community, which reveres tradition and ritual, which upholds government by moral rather than physical force, which affirms the Golden Rule, which is Agrarian and Distributist, which has barely started an external war in five thousand years, and which is especially open to completion by, in, through and as the classical Christianity that is spreading like wildfire. She is like the Classical writers and the Church Fathers in that she takes Africa seriously, even going there to secure the food supply necessary for her to give up the extremely anti-Confucian one child policy. Nothing remotely approaching any of this can be said of America, or of Britain, or of numerous other Western countries besides. And that is the real problem, the root of all else in this context.

Not that China has been the only beneficiary of the suicidal tendency among Westerners generally and Americans in particular. Meg Whitman's domestic staff irregularities may seem good for a laugh, but there is nothing funny about them, since there is nothing funny about the ideology of which they are nothing more than an entirely consistent practical expression. But then, Whitman, like Fiorina with her history of exporting jobs from California to India and China, is nothing more than a bored rich person, rummaging about for something with which to fill up the early autumn of her days.

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