Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Price of Tea

The O’Donnell nomination is jaw-dropping. With no means of supporting herself, she ran as a Tea Party candidate for Senate in order to live off the campaign contributions. So much for a mass popular movement. She couldn’t have done that if it were really any such thing. It is textbook astroturfing, the corporate faking of grass roots.


  1. You are correct again, Mr. Lindsay. One has to wonder where American conservatives will go after they are inevitably disappointed by the Tea Party.

  2. Well... to me, there is nothing jaw-dropping about it; She capitalized on a powerful trend. Also, with Tea Party corporate backing, she had all the money she needed to pay off her debts AND run a better, more publicized campaign than Castle.

    What do you think about her claim that her financial problems make it easier for her to relate the voters, thus making her an ideal candidate (hey, her words, not mine)?