Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cable Conservatism

Pat McFadden laid into anyone who dared to suggest that global capitalism was anything less than utterly wonderful. But still some of you insist on remaining in the Labour Party. You can doubtless guess whom McFadden has nominated for Leader.

Anyway, perhaps Vince Cable believes in agriculture, manufacturing, and small business. In national sovereignty, the Union, and economic patriotism. In local variation, historical consciousness, traditional moral and social values, and the whole Biblical and Classical patrimony of the West. In close-knit communities, law and order, civil liberties, academic standards, all forms of art, and mass political participation within a constitutional framework ("King and People" against the Whig magnates).

Perhaps Vince Cable believes in conservation rather than environmentalism. In sound money, a realistic foreign policy, a strong defence capability used only for the most sparing and strictly defensive purposes, the Commonwealth, the constitutional and other ties among the Realms and Territories having the British monarch as Head of State or other such constitutional links, the status of the English language and the rights of its speakers both throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere (with the Celtic languages alongside English in their areas, French alongside English in Quebec, and so on, being examples of local variation to be conserved, though not to be imposed elsewhere), and the rights of British-descended communities throughout the world.

Perhaps Vince Cable believes in exactly as much central and local government action as is required by these and numerous other priorities, a profound suspicion of an American influence and action characteristically defined against them, and an active desire for a different American approach.

And perhaps Vince Cable is less than enamoured of the campaigns for globalism, Eurofederalism and Political Correctness run jointly by big business and by giant, equally acquisitive and monopolistic organisations to which the term "trade union" does not properly apply.

But alas that he seems determined to compromise that conservatism by supporting the privatisation of the Royal Mail. A worker share? They already own it. We all do. We are being taken back to the days of the biggest anti-conservative of them all, and to her conning of people into buying what they already owned.

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