Friday, 24 September 2010

The Colbert Report

"Break Dancing Jesus" of this parish once posted one of his splenetic comments when I pointed out that the idea of a planned economy had come down to the Attlee Government, via the Liberal Keynes, from "the conservative Colbert". Poor, thick, overprivileged BDJ had seriously assumed that I had meant Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report. Was he joking, as I would have been, and as you probably would have been? No, he was not. Any more than the several other thick, overprivileged spewers of bile on here would have been. Reading this, they doubtless imagine that he was right. So quite what he made of today's proceedings on Capitol Hill, I can only begin to imagine. Unless, that is, he feels like telling us?

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  1. From the little bit I have read, Colbert actually did break character at one point to seriously advocate for the rights of migrant workers. I think I have to say bully for him.

    While I am opposed to illegal immigration, (and even some forms of legal immigration), I do sympathize with migrant workers. I can't necessarily fault people for trying to feed their families and neoliberal policies have done much to ruin Latin American farmers.

    NAFTA was a colossal disaster for almost everyone involved except the politicians and corporations that supported it.