Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gesture Politics

I hope that Lib Dem delegates feel better. But there are going to be few or no "free" schools, anyway. As this week goes on, they are going to have to do better than this. Will they? If not, why not?


  1. How's the think tank going? Same as the plan to run BPA candidates in every seat in the UK? Do yo0u want to invent a load of sock puppets to staff it? They won't cost anything and they'll be less of a laughing stock throughout Durham than you!

  2. Oh, it's coming along very nicely, thank you. A lot better than the "free" schools programme, for a start.

    Of course, I know that you are not a Durham postgrad. Based on at least one turn of phrase, you would never be let in. But on topic, please.

  3. Any real Durham postgrad wouldn't dare speak to Mr. Lindsay like that, or if they did then he would make them regret it while making it look like he had nothing to do with it. That one who tried to take you on a year ago, did he ever get his Masters?

  4. Man, that was some beating. But administered while you were on an operating table, naturally.

    If that is your idea of a warning, even a final warning, then what the hell is your idea of a proper punishment? Pray never to find out, I suppose.

    Still, hope that you were particularly hard on him because he was a traitor, a former Lindsay protégé gone to the bad. Either way, you don't only dress like the proper old school. You are the proper old school.

    Did he ever get his Masters?

  5. Ah yes, Mr L and his protégés. He might have had them in his first year, he certainly has from his second year onwards, so for well over a decade now.

    They were once only slightly younger than he was, but some of the new recruits within the next fortnight will be as young as 18 while Facebook says that he will be 33 tomorrow. That is some age gap. He is starting to resemble the later years of Cardinal Newman, surrounded by much younger and less accomplished men who hang on his every word and will do literally anything to help him out.

    Not that it was within their power to give him a staff library card (up to 40 books for up to six months, power to recall books taken out by lesser mortals, completely free), and a university email address that has never changed, continuously since graduation in the second case and matriculation in the first, although he hasn't always been listed in the directory.

    Although he has been employed by the university for the last three years and periodically in the past, that employment has not been continuous. But the privileges have been. What does "Academic/Management staff" even mean? Is anyone else in the entire directory called that?

    A man with several power bases. Don't cross him. Look what happened to the last people who did. In public, they just looked stupid because nothing happened and the Good Ship David Lindsay sailed on regardless. Behind the scenes, they should have been so lucky to have got off that lightly. Mr L is very loyal to his friends. If they are wise, they are very loyal to him.

  6. I think you mean "continuously since graduation in the first case and matriculation in the second".

    Although I did say that people had to be on topic, I could not resist either being called "the Good Ship David Lindsay" or being told that I am "starting to resemble the later years of Cardinal Newman".

    Nor could I resist showing up, hardly for the first time, what a very, very bitter and twisted lot my critics are.

    But on topic from now onwards, please.

  7. They are bitter, twisted and insanely paranoid because you were right and they were wrong about things like free schools.

    The legislation was rushed through so that there could be some this month, but there are none. There are supposed to be some next year. Pigs might fly. Same goes for numerous other topics. Iraq is the obvious place to start, but there are dozens more.

    Keep up the good work, it is vital in many ways, one of them quite how much you get under the skin of people who think they are much cleverer and more important than they really are.

    You are beyond legendary at Durham and by all accounts you have been since the people who have learned it the hard way were still in primary school. Within 10 years you will have the same status nationally. You are already well on the way there.

    Look at the hysterical fury of the bitter, twisted, paranoid Blairite leftovers. You dare to exist when you were right and they wrong about absolutely everything. They ordered you to stop existing but you carried on. Who do you think you are? David Lindsay, that's who. David Lindsay.

  8. Oh, well, I suppose that that was almost on topic.