Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cardinal Truths

Cardinal Kasper is wrong about many, many things. Just ask the Pope. But I cannot see the fuss about a German who confronts Britain’s transport provision and thinks that he has arrived in a Third World country. A statement of the obvious, that one. Except that a Third World country would charge lower fares.

Nor is it controversial that there is a new and aggressive strain of atheism on the British scene. But note that the BBC thinks that Cardinal Kasper’s former position was “in charge of relations with the Anglican Church”. Welcome to Planet Public School.

No posting or comment moderation until Friday. I am off to see the Pope.


  1. Extraordinary that Terry Pratchett, Stephen Fry and 48 others can write a letter condemning the Popes visit to Britain.
    Wasnt Emperor Hirohito allowed a state visit?
    Isnt Gerry Adams a frequent visitor without athiests getting upset.
    He may have been a rather confused member of the Hitler Youth......but how many divisions has the Pope.
    How many lives of loyal British subjects did he take. Unlike Hirohito and Adams.

  2. Nor does any of the Pope's books favourably depict sex between men and teenage boys. Fry's books do.

  3. That's interesting. I hear the famous Hatfield College also went to go and see the Pope.

  4. I was rather hoping that Terry Pratchett's senility would at least have had the welcome result of silencing any propensities for dog-ignorant effusions against Catholicism, but it seems to have increased them. Piers Brendon once observed that Lord Baden-Powell was spared the miseries of second childhood because he had never left his first. Perhaps the same thing has happened to Pratchett.