Wednesday 25 May 2022

Whatever The Initial Intent

Towards the end, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher both threatened to stay on as Prime Minister, "and you can have whoever you like to lead your precious party," or words to that effect. But only Boris Johnson might go through with it.

Johnson would not resign as Prime Minister, rather than as Leader of the Conservative Party, if he had lost a vote of no confidence among Conservative MPs. He would not resign as Prime Minister if he had lost a Leadership Election.

Even if he could enact no legislation, then who is to say that he would resign as Prime Minister if he had lost a General Election, or even if he had lost his own seat? Who would there be to make him? A 96-year-old? Simon Case? Martin Reynolds? Keir Starmer? Tobias Ellwood?


  1. Starmer can't understand anyone who doesn't play by the rules.

    1. But Johnson cannot understand anyone who does. I know which one I would back in a fight.