Friday 13 May 2022

Significant New Information

The "Labour After Starmer" articles are popping up. He's toast. Durham Police, who have indicated that they might interview Keir Starmer face to face, have issued at least one retrospective Fixed Penalty Notice. A proper 10 grander, no less. And more people in County Durham now vote Conservative than vote Labour.

I do not know how I missed it hitherto, but behind all of this is someone whom I have known for many years, and while we have had our differences, fair play for this as for certain things in the past. The Left has put in the legwork, and now the Right is going in for the kill.

To mix metaphors, it is delicious to watch the pincer movement against this utterly inexperienced politician. Why could he not just have taken a judgeship or a peerage after his time as Director of Public Prosecutions? He will never get either now.


  1. Streeting next?

    1. With Wes Streeting pretty much staging a coup, Labour is heading for its third Leader this Parliament, whether Streeting himself or someone else. The first would romp home as an Independent if he wanted to, while the second would be unlikely to seek reelection at all and by then might even be enjoying the life of a former Director of Public Prosecutions in prison.