Wednesday 25 May 2022

To Cap It All?

In what sense is there any energy cap, if it keeps going up? A cap on what, exactly? We are preparing for an emergency Budget, to be called something else to save face, and for that to include a windfall tax on the energy companies, again to be called something else to save face, and in the week after the governing party's MPs had been whipped to vote against such a measure. Hugely popular both in general and among Red Wall voters, the case for public ownership is unanswerable.

That is also true of the rail service, where the forthcoming strike is to be for a pay rise in line with inflation. That is not some wildly militant demand. Wildly militant demands do not inspire 89 per cent votes for strike action on 79 per cent turnouts. The assault on civil liberties in general and on trade union rights in particular is not distinct from the cost of living crisis. There has never been any bread or butter unless we have fought for them, and there never will be. Anger against 1970s-style stagflation will find an outlet. The Government will come to wish that that were still 1970s-style trade unionism.


  1. Well said this is an attack on civil liberties I keep using the #UKT4 to get through to people on twitter. They are refusing to help those who need it most refuse help and even took Warm home discount off the disabled meaning we are £10 better off whilst loosing £800 they gave a 3.1% rise to benefit claimants on 73.50 and pensioners when inflation is currently 10% but if you’re single it’s more like 25% or more with fuel are being hit by food too so really it’s about 40.% these are killer cuts. 3% of our fuel is from Russia. I personally think these are manufactured wars to cull the poor. We have a fascist 1 party state because the LP has been Nutuered with Starmer and centrism. It’s an exercise in depopulation and slavery. Workers wages have stagnated for a lot more than any 14 years because when I worked for the NHS in the 90s and noughtees we were seeing 1% rises then. The tories have stole and sold most working for by assets re tax and national insurance via selling off all that was nationalised via privatisation to their rich mates. They have stole everything off working classes without permissions or consent. We were always going to collapse it’s a nwo agenda2030 agenda yo depopulate in the name of climate change and a dying planet but it is the rich raping it and not investing in solutions. I’m fully behind rmt I’m on a fb ban so couldn’t comment and share sorry. Solidarity xx