Friday 13 May 2022

Feeling Right

It is never long into the days of hunger before rich people start telling poor people what to eat. Lee Anderson should ponder that food banks were practically unheard of before 2010, well after the Crash. Was 2010 the year that people forgot how to cook?

If Jeremy Corbyn had never become Labour Leader, or if Owen Smith had supplanted him, then 30p Lee would have been a Labour MP by now. He was in the Labour Party until 2018, when he was a 51-year-old Councillor and on the paid staff of the Labour MP whom he was to go on to unseat. Such Labour intake as there may be next time would all be like him, as will any by-election candidate imposed by Keir Starmer in the meantime.

Christian Wakeford has still yet to cite a policy reason for his defection, but however much he may have differed with and from the denizens of Mayfair, they always used to be in the same party. Now they are again. That feels right. Very, very, very Right, indeed.


  1. Anderson would fit into this Shadow Cabinet perfectly.