Tuesday 31 May 2022

Transitional Demands

With the Bank of England, and the British Embassy in Washington, glistening from her CV, Rachel "Cripples Aren't Normal" Reeves is criticising Rishi Sunak for spending money on the beastly plebs. Meanwhile, at Warwick University, Nadhim Zahawi has had a run-in with the next generation, with Even Newer New Labour.

One Joel Cooper has taken issue with Zahawi's view, on which he has yet to deliver anything, that parents ought to be involved in the approach to transgender issues in school. Why is Joel's name Cooper when his parents are married? Has he had his Balls cut off? Faced with a member of the present Cabinet, this is all that Labour Students can find to heckle him about. Balls to the Labour Party, indeed.

In the fairly likely hung Parliament of 2024, or in the practically certain one of 2029, then it would be easy to cut a deal with a clique whose only political principle was its own birthright to rule. We should be aiming for that, we who sought to strengthen families and communities by securing economic equality and international peace through the democratic political control of the means to those ends, including national and parliamentary sovereignty. 

A coalition with the Conservative Party was what delivered the Leadership of Derby City Council to Chris Williamson. If the Bullingdon Boys or the Vote Leave Veterans were only 10 or 20 votes short, then let those be our 10 or 20 votes, and away with Remainerism, Greenery, identity politics in general, gender self-identification in particular, cancel culture, warmongering, assaults on civil liberties, and an inability to understand the money supply.

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