Wednesday 25 May 2022

Gray Area

Partying from four o'clock in the afternoon until half past four in the morning? I cannot imagine where they found the energy.

It is little more than a detail that this was during a lockdown, yet the Opposition and Lobby line, so to speak, is that the problem was that while the rest of us were missing funerals and so on, Downing Street was "behaving as normal".

Being found passed out by the cleaners due to never having gone home, throwing up, plastering the walls with wine, playing on a swing, and having a fight, because that is what "a minor altercation" means: all of these are apparently normal behaviour in a workplace in general, and at the heart of government in particular.

Had there not been a lockdown in place, then none of this would have raised an eyebrow either from the Opposition or from a Lobby that, like the Police, must have known all about it while it was happening.


  1. We remember the Blair years.

    1. Then we weren't there.

      This kind of thing began under Blair, went away under Brown, came back under Cameron, went away again under May, and has come back yet again under Johnson. Like Blair, Starmer wishes that he were this sort of person. Therefore, like Blair, he would indulge it, even if not necessarily in it.