Wednesday, 13 October 2021

The Bongs of Big Ben

The Sun's story would be no such thing if the very low figures that it cited were supposed to be the point. It is nodding and winking that illegal drug use is rife in Parliament. Who knew?

Drugs-based blackmail is fundamental to political power in this country, and the likes of Michael Gove (or Boris Johnson, since he is no longer an American citizen) have lied on their United States visa applications, or they would not hold US visas.

Intentionally or otherwise, and for all his faults, Jeremy Corbyn threatened to destroy that Blairite lifestyle by creating an economic order in which no one would have felt the need to become a drug mule or, say, a rent boy.

Therefore terrified of economic equality, the lifestyle liberals turned on him as they had not turned on any other politician in living memory. And here we are.


  1. Frighteningly insightful.

    1. Thank you. We have the measure of them. Now we need to organise.