Sunday, 24 October 2021

John 18:38

As long as it is free, then of course we are all going to join Truth Social. Attempts by Trump supporters to set up rivals to Twitter have failed in the past, but this is an attempt by Donald Trump himself, which is a whole other story. His enemies are reduced to moaning that the likes of Mitch McConnell had beef with him at the moment, as if anyone cared.

Speaking of matters of indifference, Hillary Clinton is plugging her latest book. She was defeated by a barely experienced politician who went on to be a two term President, but who allowed her only one term as Secretary of State. If she and her cronies had not cheated, then she would have been defeated by an old man from outside the party. And then she was indeed defeated by a rank amateur who, in old age, may yet manage a second term.


  1. He has terrified them that this is going to work.

    1. It will never be as big as Facebook and Instagram, but it could take quite a bite out of Twitter.