Saturday, 30 October 2021

Playing Us For Fossil Fools

Glasgow has managed to conjure up an integrated transport system, but only for participants in COP26, and only while that lasts.

They are being wafted in as if Covid-19 did not exist, and several of them are simultaneously trying to talk OPEC into increasing fossil fuel production. Just not the fossil fuel on which this island stands.

By what authority is Greta Thunberg anything at all? Does she hold some kind of political office? If so, then which one, exactly? Or is she some kind of public intellectual? If so, then on what basis, exactly?


  1. Are you a public intellectual?

    1. No, unlike most of those I went to university, but unlike the rest I do not have a doctorate from which I then branched out.

      Can there be such a thing as a private intellectual?