Sunday, 31 October 2021

Trick or Treat?

Going to Halloween events as David Lindsay, their faces ever so lightly, yet still discernibly, browned? Is that really how people who aspired to be the Labour parliamentary candidate here at North West Durham have been spending this weekend? Although they probably think that I do not know it, the last MP's staff did name their London pub quiz team after me, so why not? From what might politely be called the other wing of the party, this weekend's minstrels should be made to reprise the role at interview, with the successful applicant required to do so again on the stump.

Should a Labour candidate for this seat ever materialise, then I would have him or her beaten from the start on race. White? The candidate for people who just did not want a mixed-race MP. Black? A comical attempt to out-colour me. Somewhere in between? Some variation on either of those. Exactly my skin tone, with a name exactly as WASP-y as David Alexander Stephen Lindsay? A mere tribute act, the candidate who was as much like me as possible without being me. Any of those ways, I win. I am really, really, really going to enjoy this.


  1. Didn't Kamm have your picture in the Times darkened?