Monday, 25 October 2021

Victim, Complex

So far as one can tell, Claudia Webbe has not been expelled from the Labour Party, unlike convicted MPs in the past. Everyone knows that conviction by a single, salaried employee of the same State that brought the prosecution is kangaroo court stuff, and at best not to be taken seriously. We invade and bomb countries to change their regimes when they have better criminal justice systems than that.

Meanwhile, it turns out that if your weird hobby is to try and get on in the remnant Labour Party in County Durham, then the way to do it is now to pretend to have been one of the victims of the legendary David Lindsay, who has never heard of you. My tag has just come off, and now this. I am having a good night.


  1. According to the 57 official victims there were no victims.

    1. So other people have to pretend to have been, in order to keep the legend going. Fine by me, since I am the legend.