Sunday, 31 October 2021

Missing The Bus No More

Having campaigned on this issue for many, many years, I warmly welcome the return of a direct bus service from Lanchester and Burnhope to Eldon Square and, after a very long hiatus, to the Metrocentre. Congratulations to all involved.

That it is a single, hourly service means that the complete journey will take about an hour and a half, but we can work on that. With enough of an effort, then we could bring back a bus every half an hour, alternately to Newcastle and to the Metrocentre, with each journey taking about an hour. Those were the days. They could be again.

The new service will not run late in the evenings, but nor did the old one. For the sake of connectivity, we now need to bring back the late buses out of Durham every evening, so that people getting off the trains from Newcastle could get home.


  1. The bus hating old council is not missed.