Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Shadow Housing

Someone called Steve Reed is apparently the Shadow Housing Secretary. This evening, he is being fed and watered by Peter Bingle, who, in his own words, "probably sold more council properties than anyone else" when he chaired the Housing Committee in Wandsworth, where he is now a lobbyist for the development of luxury properties.

Bingle and Reed seem to have had a thoroughly cosy relationship ever since Reed was Leader of Lambeth Borough Council. This is the right-wing Labour machine with which many of us have been dealing all our lives. Mercifully evicted from numerous of its municipal citadels this year, it remains mercifully behind in the polls by a country mile. These people have got their party back. And they are welcome to it.


  1. Why is Bingle wasting his bread and water on Reed?

    1. Why, indeed? Reed is never going to be Housing Secretary. Yet people like Bingle do not waste their money. It is all very fishy.