Tuesday 27 November 2018

Stranger Things

Being a connoisseur of this kind of thing, I have long been aware of the continuing SDP. 

And of the continuing Liberal Party, which is also very Eurosceptical indeed, even to the point of participating in Bob Crow and Dave Nellist's No2EU list at the 2009 and 2014 European Elections.

Anyway, with today's defection of Patrick O'Flynn to the SDP, it now has as many Members of the European Parliament as the Liberal Democrats have.

Should we look out for defections to it in the House of Lords? And for ermine-clad defections to the Liberal Party? Stranger things have happened.

The Liberal Party's participation in an electoral list organised by Bob Crow and Dave Nellist, for one.

And for another, the accession of Patrick O'Flynn, formerly the Political Editor of the Daily Express, to the SDP.

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