Wednesday 28 November 2018

Non-Jobbing Jarvis

The great and the good of Labour local government in South Yorkshire, and their asserted hangers on, are gunning for Dan Jarvis.

In six months as the Mayor of their "City Region" he has done, well, pretty much nothing at all, really. 

As a result, nearly £17 million of potential funding is sitting unclaimed. 

Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram gave up their parliamentary seats in order to do this job in Greater Manchester and in Merseyside. 

But Jarvis remains the MP for Barnsley Central. How much work is he doing in that capacity, either? 

His critics are absolutely right that he is not doing his job. But at the same time, more than one of them will be eyeing his parliamentary seat. 

Oh, well. That's called politics.

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