Sunday, 8 July 2018

Theresa Riffs The Blues

Even the DUP has just come out in support of Theresa May on Brexit. And remember that even this is only an opening gambit. Every member of the Cabinet really expects and wants even less than this in the end. We tried to tell you.

It would take relatively few Conservative MPs to force a vote of no confidence in the Leader. But they could do that every day. She would still win every day. No one has resigned as so much as a PPS over this. 

Andrea Jenkyns and Jacob Rees-Mogg are no more significant than Teresa Gorman and Tony Marlow used to be. Conservative Eurosceptic MPs are still as rare and as fringe as they were 25 years ago, and they are still as resented by the blue-voting classes in the suburbs and the shires. 

We Leave voters are concentrated in seats that the Conservatives did not win, mostly never have, and certainly won't next time. So the Leave vote is nothing to May. She can just dismiss it. And she has.

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