Saturday, 21 July 2018

No, It Is Not OK

From The Last Leg, to the tweets of certain Guardian columnists, this month's pinup is Anna Soubry. This is why it is called the liberal elite. 

Soubry voted to cut the benefits of the disabled, among other greatest hits. But those purring over here could not care less about any of that, and probably do not know it.

The referendum was swung by the people and places that had suffered most as a result of 39 years of her politics, under all three parties, beginning with Callaghan's turn to monetarism in 1977.

Whereas Channel 4 comedians and Guardian columnists, like every has-been celebrity from the Blair years who is piling on in support of Margaret Hodge, have been, and remain, among the most conspicuous beneficiaries of two generations of Thatcherism In One Country.

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