Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Enough Is Enough

Oh, enough of this. Enough.

The number of Jews is this country is lower than the number of people who die of old age every year. It is lower than the number of people who voted to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party in 2016.

If media London imagines, as it clearly does, that Britain is between 20 and 30 per cent Jewish, a figure of somewhere between 13 million and 20 million people, then that says everything that needs to be said about media London, but nothing at all about anything else.

The definition of anti-Semitism by the self-styled "International Holocaust Memorial Alliance" has in any case been overtaken by the enactment of the Israeli Nation-State Law, which itself morally compels the Labour Party to proscribe Labour Friends of Israel. There were very well-placed Labour friends of apartheid South Africa when Corbyn was protesting outside its embassy, but even then there was no specific organisation in that cause.

64 per cent of British Jews voted Conservative in 2015, when the Leader of the Labour Party was Jewish. The three Jewish newspapers that united their infinitesimal circulations against Corbyn last week have all been viscerally hostile to the Labour Party, simply as such, either for many years, or forever.

The Board of Deputies is representative of no one very much at all these days, and it is run by open Trump supporters, so Pete Willsman is right about that. The "Jewish Leadership Council" is a last little bit of astroturfing by the once mighty but now collapsed Conservative Party machine in London.

The authority of the "Chief Rabbi" is acknowledged in any way by scarcely half of British Jews, including neither Jonathan Freedland nor Melanie Phillips (who used to scorn Steven Rose's Orthodox upbringing on The Moral Maze). The present incumbent's theory that a nineteenth-century political ideology is fundamental to Judaism would be, and is rejected, by a large and growing proportion even of that half.

And so on.

Enough of this. Enough.

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