Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Summit Up

Of course this Government is being thoroughly hypocritical in hosting a summit on disability. The same would have been true of the last Labour Government, which viciously persecuted the disabled, valiantly opposed by a small band that included Jeremy Corbyn.

And at least this summit is not being held at County Hall in Durham, which is the seat of those who have cut public transport to the bone, who have cut the pay of 472 Teaching Assistants by 23 per cent, and who have committed malfeasance in public office, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and wasting Police time, in order to prevent a disabled activist (me) from being elected to Durham County Council.

A potential future means of fundraising might be to raffle the opportunity to inflict the disability of your choice on the Leader of Durham County Council, Simon Henig. But in the meantime, the election here in the Lanchester Ward ought to be rerun, I will of course contest it, and I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning.

My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.

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