Friday, 27 July 2018

Keeping The Public Safe

My friend Richard Burgon writes:

This announcement is further evidence that the Conservatives’ decision to outsource whole swathes of probation to the private sector has created an unprecedented crisis in the system.

This ideological experiment has been a costly failure, just as Labour [mostly Richard himself] warned it would be. 

This decision to throw more good money after bad and the government’s re-commitment to a privately-run probation service shows that the Conservatives have run out of all ideas on how to fix their broken system.

Delaying this announcement until Parliament closed for the summer is a tacit admission by the Government that its probation policies can’t withstand the slightest scrutiny.

With a Labour government there will be no more bailouts for failing private probation companies. Labour is fully committed to returning the probation system to the public sector.

The Tories should do likewise and create a probation system that prioritises keeping the public safe rather than boosting the profits of private companies.

Don’t take you eye off that man. Great things, and all that. Great things.

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