Friday, 20 July 2018

Total Recall?

I have never liked the idea of recall elections. If there were to be one at Antrim North, then Ian Paisley would in any case be re-elected. Still, it would mean that there had been one. In which case, expect more.

Anne Marie Morris, whom the House of Commons is too spineless to expel for something that would now be career-ending in South Africa or in the Southern United States, would probably also hold on at Newton Abbot, if the Conservative Party were so shameless as to field her again.

But John Woodcock would be toast. There used to be a fairly strong Red Labour group in Barrow and Furness, and there is presumably now a strong Momentum one. The constituency contains several poorer areas that the MP famously never visits while he cavorts with the local aristocracy in the shipyard. Like "The Other Side" in Antrim North, and like the Lib Dems who used to hold Newton Abbot, get that petition in.

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