Tuesday, 31 July 2018

For Pete's Sake

Look, if you think that Labour could do without the publicity of re-electing Pete Willsman to its National Executive Committee, then that is a very good reason to vote for Stephen Guy instead. I am assuming that you were already going to vote for Ann Black. Plus seven of your choice from among the #JC9.

But none of the people who are whipping this up cares tuppence about anti-Semitism in Britain (exactly how much of that has any of them ever experienced?), or even very much about Israel, although its embassy is more than happy to help them out.

They care about returning to the good old days before Jeremy Corbyn, when Britain had no debate whatever on either economic or foreign policy, because their own highly contentious views on those matters were treated as Laws of Physics.

So yes, there would be bigger problems even if what they were saying were true. Poverty, for example. And pointless, never-ending wars on behalf of Saudi Arabia, which Corbyn's detractors abstained rather than condemn for its ongoing genocide in Yemen.

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