Monday, 23 July 2018

The Barking of the Dying Dogs

Dame Margaret Hodge, municipal madam to paedophiles, and tax-avoiding scourge of tax avoiders, adds Barking to the growing list of recall elections that will all be held once one of them has been. Or so I keep hearing.

For some reason, nowhere wants to be the first to do it. But only that is stopping at least half a dozen places: Antrim North (where the MP is the fall guy for Liam Fox, the Sri Lankan regime's main man at Westminster), Burton, Barrow and Furness, Newton Abbot, Barking, and others that I have promised not to name at this stage.

Hodge's comparison of her opposition to Jeremy Corbyn with opposition to the BNP would be obscene enough on its own. But unlike him, she did not in fact oppose the BNP at all. Only once that party had won 12 council seats in her constituency did she even open an office there, 10 miles, if that, from the Palace of Westminster.

The local organisation against the BNP was centred on Billy Bragg, who appeared alongside Corbyn at the recent Durham Miners' Gala, and who would not make a bad MP, certainly by comparison with Margaret Hodge.

Events have overtaken Hodge and her fellow-travellers such as Luciana Berger, who is the best disguised cynic in British politics, and Chris Leslie, who is the embodiment of just how few people there were in the Labour Party 10 years after the Iraq War. By then, most of the "determined to die in it" crowd had done precisely that. So, albeit for about half an hour, Chris Leslie was the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Give that a moment to sink in.

But now, in the way that Margaret Thatcher turned Britain into the country that Marxists had always said that it was, even though before her it never really had been, Israel has formally declared itself to be the apartheid state that its fiercest detractors had always said that it was. The new Nation-State Law in Israel is supported by Richard Spencer, who is a real, live, actual Nazi. Not an overly officious traffic warden. A Nazi.

Yet to say so would be a breach of the definition of anti-Semitism by the self-styled "International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance", a title that any one of us might have affected if only we had thought of it first. Every MP now needs to be asked to condemn the Nation-State Law, and candidates must be fielded against any who failed to do so. Perhaps at recall elections.

Standing as itself, the presently constituted right wing of either main party would never take five per cent of the vote, and it would never be the First Past the Post in any constituency. Both of those wings know little or nothing about Britain. 

They routinely employ American vocabulary, they sometimes use American pronunciations, and they are increasingly given to American spellings. They assume American cultural references that are irrelevant or meaningless to most people in Britain, and they lapse into a weirdly mid-Atlantic accent when saying things like "Superbowl".

But next to nobody in Britain has any desire to vote, either for the Clinton Democrats, or for the American Republican Party, and if anything even fewer would vote for Likud, of which most Conservative and a large number of Labour MPs are for all practical purposes members, using their formal party affiliations as mere flags of convenience at election time. 

I for one relish the prospect that these sad little wannabes and these poisonous little infiltrators will soon be wiped off an electoral map that they occupy as illegitimately as Israel occupies the Golan Heights.

There is going to be another hung Parliament, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it. I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning. My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.

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